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Contractors must check the fine print

Amid the current global financial crisis, the construction market has seen a downturn, exposing contractors to risks. JONATHAN BRUFAL* discusses crucial issues contractors might face if the contracted party calls for a change in terms. (Read more..)

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Dithering trends in case of suspension or termination

by Antonios Dimitracopoulos
As a result of the termination or indefinite suspension of projects en masse, over the last two to three months, irate contractors were seeking urgent advice from their lawyers on their legal position, as well as on the process and cost of dispute resolution options. (Read more..)

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Suspension of works

by Dennis Brand

 Until late last year I was frequently asked by those visiting the UAE and seeing the amount of construction being undertaken, when I thought the construction bubble in the UAE would burst.

My often repeated answer was that I did not think the bubble would burst as such, but would over time slowly deflate; how wrong I was. What we have seen over recent months as a result of what the experts tell us is result of the world wide economic downturn has resulted in an unprecedented number of projects and therefore contracts being suspended. (Read more..)

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The ins and outs of ‘suspension of the works’ under construction contracts

by Paul Taylor

Having considered the process of termination of construction contracts, the equally important subject of suspension of the works on a construction project should also be considered. (Read more..)

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Breaking up is never easy

by Paul Taylor
Construction and engineering contracts, whether they be one of the industry’s standard forms or bespoke contracts created and tailored for an individual client’s needs, invariably contain rights and remedies relating to termination of the contract agreement. (Read more..)

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