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Boost your mood in the workplace

By Peta Bee

Financial struggles are the latest worry for a generation that is already over-burdened with stress. Long working hours, relationship problems and a lack of time to relax are all contributing to a rise in mood problems and depression. (Read more..)

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Five strategies to win negotiations

So far, talks have been productive. After much discussion and careful analysis, you think you understand the issues on the table and the other side’s priorities. (Read more..)

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Five steps to good management

By Professor Adrian Furnham


Senior positions always involve stress. People have to make hard decisions, take risks, face criticism and endure set-backs. They need to be hardy and resilient to respond to the pace and challenges of modern business life. (Read more..)

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Break bad habits to get ahead at work

By Siew Ching Chua

Nail biting, chewing gum, talking non-stop on the phone, checking Facebook every five minutes – admit it, who doesn’t have at least one bad habit that drives the person next to them at work mad? Yet these seemingly harmless things could cost you a successful career. (Read more..)

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Resolve Issues as Soon As Possible

The definition of an issue is that it is a problem that will be detrimental to the success of the project and cannot be totally resolved by the project team. That definition leads you to understand that issues must be addressed quickly. (Read more..)

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Successful Project Management

 by Michael Stanleigh
Successful Project Management is one of the the key organizational strategies to saving money and satisfying customers in troubled economic times. (Read more..)

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Management skills that make or break projects

by Husain Al Omani
In Saudi Arabia, job opportunities for project managers are everywhere if you know where to look. (Read more..)

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The management skills that can save your home

By Alice Haine

The DIFC has opened a creche to help working parents feel reassured their little darlings are safe nearby. It’s fantastic news and shows that corporate environments are taking the right steps towards helping employees cope with the stressful demands of juggling a work and home life. (Read more..)

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Keeping Your Project on Budget Despite Rising Steel and Lumber Costs

By Kathleen Goolsby
Steel, lumber, cement, copper tubing and plastic plumbing products are the primary materials used in the structure of homes and other buildings. (Read more..)

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Teamwork: capacity issues shift client-contractor relations

by Rupert Cornford

Many clients are now entering into direct negotiation with contractors in order to secure successful delivery of their projects. (Read more..)

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