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When a ‘notice’ need not be ‘noticed’

by Vincent Connor

Opening the mailbox at my Hong Kong apartment block brings the usual array of bills, more bills, flyers and…what appear to be ‘notices’ (usually from my landlord): but as we know from the world of construction law, often it is argued that what is intended to be a ‘notice’ fails to meet up to the strict requirements of the contract.

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What time do you call this?

 by Nick Carnell
Both the 1987 and 1999 editions of the FIDIC standard form contain a number of requirements that particular things shall be done within a set period of time. (Read more..)

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Submit that notice to avoid missing out on entitlement

by Chris Larkin
Many construction contracts require the contractor to give notice to the employer if it wishes to claim additional costs or extensions of time. (Read more..)

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