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Construction knowledge is a must for all insurers

by Terry Dunning

Ask any construction professional where the world’s most exciting projects are being built, and it would be surprising to hear an answer other than the Middle East.
Descriptions of the projects often include a string of superlatives and involve construction techniques at the forefront of technology. (Read more..)

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Cost escalation

Cost escalation is one of the major issues currently affecting the construction sector in the region. There are regular press reports on the extent to which the costs of steel, cement and labour have risen. (Read more..)

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Construction Management

By Matthew Bendert

Within the scope of a major construction project, the role of a construction management firm is vital. A construction manager, or management team is trained to coordinate the different processes and timetables necessary to complete a project. These individuals and teams mediate between owners, designers, contractors, and suppliers. As such, they act as overseers of the entire process, from inception to design to execution. (Read more..)

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Keeping Your Project on Budget Despite Rising Steel and Lumber Costs

By Kathleen Goolsby
Steel, lumber, cement, copper tubing and plastic plumbing products are the primary materials used in the structure of homes and other buildings. (Read more..)

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Prefabricated Buildings

Prefabricated Buildings
By Jenny Bengen

Prefabricated buildings are pre-cut, pre-drilled, and pre-engineered before the actual building is constructed. In the past, prefabricated buildings were reserved for industrial structures, but today’s architects have begun building prefabricated homes in large-scale projects. (Read more..)

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The top 10 resume mistakes and how to avoid them

The best form of defence is attack, and that’s what you need to do to make sure your CV is a targeted weapon. That means no mistakes. Here’s a checklist to run through. (Read more..)

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A green future for Dubai?

by Helen Waddell
As from January 2008, all buildings in Dubai have to be constructed in accordance with the new ‘green building’ standards. (Read more..)

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Additional reasons for going green

by Khaled Bushnaq
Khaled Bushnaq, managing director, Energy Management Systems, talks about the advantages for companies who go green. (Read more..)

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The cost of going green

by Antonios Dimitracopoulos

The general awareness witnessed in the construction market prompts two questions that Antonios Dimitracopoulos, Partner at Bin Shabib & Associates (BSA) LLP explores: how can one comply with local environmental law while at the same time coping with the increasing financial pressures of rising costs and inflation. (Read more..)

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Sustainability is the target for the industry

by Lauren Willington
With the UAE’s construction industry having to adopt measures in line with international ‘green’ building standards from January 2008, a massive shift is anticipated in the whole design and build process. (Read more..)

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