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Buildsafe UAE issues new safety alerts

The Buildsafe UAE safety alerts this week recommended that all sites should undertake a review on all lifting operations to ensure work methods statements are relevant to the operation. (Read more..)

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Infrastructure Breakthrough – iCrete Introduces Revolutionary New Material for Precast Concrete Producers

New iCrete product family will feature speed in application, exceptional reliability and workability, less cement, lower cost, and sections that are thinner and stronger. iCrete mixes and quality systems will revolutionize the precast methods used for construction of pre-fabricated structures and industrial parks, as well as the building of major pipelines, sewers, bridges, roads, tunnels, and railways (Read more..)

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Survive the crisis: five top tactics for developers

 I believe the economic slowdown is not a bad thing at all, but a golden opportunity for Dubai to start anew. In order to survive these tough market conditions, I’ve listed five essential strategies that developers must adopt. (Read more..)

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The trust in any relationship

by Angela Giuffrida

 While in discussion with a number of contractors over the last few weeks, all alluded to being in talks with other firms about partnering. (Read more..)

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Salaries of engineers have fallen by 15 per cent

Salaries of engineers have fallen by 15 per cent as construction companies reconsider their budgets, said experts.
“The salaries of civil engineers in the country have fallen by 15 per cent for new hires. It’s not like six months back when engineers in the construction sector got a 50 per cent hike when they switched jobs,” said Ian Giulianotti, Associate Director, HRM Consulting, at Nadia Recruitment. (Read more..)

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A long term view for Credit Crunch

A long term view for Credit Crunch
by Omar Al Saadoon
Senior Associate Omar Al Saadoon.Construction & Engineering Practice – Al Tamimi & Company

This article might deter short term speculators or pessimists (so called realists) in reading further and if so no hard feelings. I too have noticed a reduction in crane activity and generally less traffic on the Sheikh Zayed Road. I also understand and appreciate the world we have lived in is rapidly changing and the credit crunch is likely to have a profound impact on global construction industries for the foreseeable future. (Read more..)

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Vision panels play multiple roles

While the earliest doors in history were constructed out of wood or metal, once sheet glass was invented it has found application in doors – where it has fitted into small windows. (Read more..)

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Building relationships in joint venture projects

by Kristine Kalnina
Kristine Kalnina, Bin Shabib and Associates.Looking at any of the impressive structures shaping Dubai’s skyline, one may see just glass and steel as the main constituent components. But all projects stem from an idea before they become tangible objects and that idea heavily depends on first building successful relationships. (Read more..)

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Building Contractor Insurance

By Laura Evans

Are you planning on remodeling your house? There are many factors you should consider when hiring a contractor; these considerations include having the proper insurance. (Read more..)

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Arbitration will increase

By Natasha Marrian

Dubai: Commercial arbitration is likely to be sought increasingly as parties face an uphill battle to meet commitments in the face of a bruising global financial meltdown, director of the Dubai International Centre, Dr Hussam S. Al Talhuni, said on Friday. (Read more..)

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