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Heading for India? Some Issues to Consider…

by Sachin Kerur

With construction activity in India now worth $50 billion per annum and accounting for around 6% of Indian GDP, India is an attractive market for contractors.

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Key points while entering into a joint venture in the Middle East

by James Bremen

The use of joint ventures or consortiums are attractive because they allow contractors, consultants and financiers to team up and offer owners a single interface for all needs of a project.

Owners are increasingly requiring that consortiums be formed to provide a single point responsibility and to ensure bidders have the ability to perform the scope of work.

In light of this development, this article seeks to highlight some of the key legal and practical issues, which should be considered when entering into a joint venture or consortium agreement. The term “consortium” is used throughout the article to refer to both “consortium” and “joint venture.” (Read more..)

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Dubai construction sector ‘in big trouble’

The construction industry in Dubai has no chance of recovery in 2010 and the emirate’s real estate operators too were likely to face difficulties over the coming months, said an industry expert.

Those construction companies which are solely operating in the Dubai are in for big trouble, Khaldoun Tabari, vice chairman and CEO of  Dubai-based engineering contractor Drake & Scull International, was quoted as saying in Arabian Business. (Read more..)

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Regulation shapes revolution in Gulf sustainable buildings

Abu Dhabi will make sustainability compulsory from 1 January. The argument that the Gulf doesn’t care about the environment is false. Abu Dhabi’s new building code, regulations that make sustainability compulsory in all buildings and major retro-fits throughout the emirate, come into force on 1 January 2010.

They will set a minimum standard for all the elements involved in project delivery, from the design of new buildings to the way redundant structures are demolished. This encompasses energy efficiency, water use and the wider environmental impact of construction. (Read more..)

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The Cash Cow

On demand’ guarantee bonds are a typical form of contractual security in the UAE construction industry, particularly on large projects. Their use in theory, is to afford the employer with secured funds from a surety, in the event the defaulting party does not perform under a contract or becomes insolvent.

Prior to the onset of the liquidity crisis last year, the general attitude of an employer (as a beneficiary) would have been to threaten the encashment of a bond to impose commercial pressure on a contractor to perform. A call upon an on-demand bond would have been made if strictly necessary e.g. in the event of material or persistent default. (Read more..)

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The Importance of Documents During the Crisis

It is undeniable that UAE is now facing the onslaught of the global financial crisis. Although UAE’s oil revenue has cushioned the impact of the crisis to some extent, the speed in which the impact of the crisis is spreading across the real estate and construction industries, particularly in Dubai, is unprecedented.
The number of construction projects being scaled back or even suspended is on the rise. Consequently, we have been receiving an increasing number of enquiries and instructions from employers and contractors involving suspension and termination issues. Inevitably, some projects will fall into dispute whenever a party decides to suspend or terminate the contract. A dispute or a chain of disputes may occur at any level, be it between the master developers and sub-developers, sub-developers and its consultants or contractors, or down to the level between the contractors and its sub-contractors and suppliers. (Read more..)

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Tendering Tips and Traps

This article will touch on some of the fundamental legal aspects of the tendering process relating to construction and engineering projects and offer some guidance on how best to avoid problems during this crucial stage of contract formation. Tendering for large and complex construction or engineering projects can be a very expensive exercise for employers and tenderers alike. However, it would be money well spent if the objectives of tendering were achieved. (Read more..)

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Completion and Occupation of projects

The requirements for defining when the project is practically complete should be included in the contract requirements, including requirements for testing, commissioning and handing over the building. Prior to handover the Client should ensure that he is ready to take over and manage the facility with regard to such issues as: (Read more..)

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Mega structures: Construction of Burj Dubai

Episode 1

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Megastructures: Construction of Burj Al Arab

Episode 1 (

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