By Samer Skaik

I am thrilled that my four peer reviewed book chapters on Australian Statutory Adjudication will be available in9781138239623 the market in Feb 2017 under “International Contractual and Statutory Adjudication” book which is edited by Andrew Burr and being published by Informa Law from Routledge.

This is the breakdown of the chapters:

  1. Australia: the East Coast Model with New South Wales as the Principal Legislation
  2. Australia: the East Coast Model: Victoria, Tasmania, The Australian Capital Territory and South Australia
  3. Australia: the East Coast Model: Queensland
  4. Australia: the West Coast model

Those chapters will be added to the already published three journal papers to form the main chapters of my PhD ‘thesis by publication’.

About the Book

A compilation of commentaries on the various jurisdictions where there either is, or is planned, a statutory adjudication system , this is a review of such systems worldwide in the commercial and construction fields. It features analysis by specialist advisory contributors on the adjudication system in place in each separate jurisdiction, together with a copy of the relevant local legislation, and permits a comparative approach between each.

Link form the Publisher website: