CMGuide Services include project management consultancy, construction claims, in-house training as detailed below:


Construction claims can include any number of issues relating to project administration, design or construction. In many cases, these issues can be very technical and not easy to understand for people unfamiliar with the construction process. The same is true for determining and quantifying damages associated with these issues. CMGuide can assist clients with construction disputes of any nature.

CMGuide Team is skilled in project management, scheduling,  claims preparation, evaluation and defence. We are competent in construction claims that include contractual claims under FIDIC and the like or statutory claims under the security of payment legislation. We are used to dealing with claims relating to unresolved change orders, design errors or omissions, allegations of inadequate project administration, delays, repudiation, suspension, termination, force majeure or differing site conditions. CMGuide is retained by plaintiffs, defendants and neutral parties.

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Patrick Drakes Director and Principal at Civil Projects Caribbean Ltd September 5, 2016

I have been following Samer Skaik’s advice on his website for several years. I finally got the opportunity to consult him on a very complex case that required immense knowledge, experience and skill to articulate the points. Samer’s well laid out approach to formulating claims not only provided a distinct advantage, but his in-depth knowledge of the elements of the claim was quite impressive and the final product was moved from being “fair” to one that was quite “robust”. Thank you Samer.

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Chris Moshidis Director and Principal at Urban Lawyers September 4, 2016

I worked on a number of projects with Samer during my time at Damac and was extremely impressed with his analytical and methodical approach to a number of complex issues. Samer was Damac’s key expert witness in a private adjudication against Arabtec in relation to a project in Jordan. Samer provided very important technical evidence with respect to various claims brought by Arabtec which was one of the key reasons that a successful outcome was achieved. Samer was also very clear and concise in explaining technical engineering issues which greatly assisted me in arguing the case on behalf of Damac. More recently, I have been impressed with Samer’s work with respect to the various security of payment regimes in Australia.

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Mahmoud Abu Hussein Procurement & Contracts Manager - UAE at Dolphin Energy August 23, 2016

I can state with confidence that Samer really is an all rounded professional that does possess diversified hands-on experience in the field of commercial construction projects in the Middle East. Samer’s professional field experience has been complemented by and coupled with his profound academic and research studies and qualifications. The multi-faceted exposure Samer gained while working for a contractor and a master developer as well as from his post-graduate studies and teaching experience gave him a unique opportunity to examine and assess different contentious issues from varied angles and standpoints. Samer has also developed considerable experience backed up by real-life lessons learnt on FIDIC Contracts and how they are utilized in the Middle East which enabled him to proactively engage in a variety of activities and interactions with FIDIC and its Contracts related events and task groups.

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Graham Morrow Barrister & Solicitor August 23, 2016

Samer is a most thorough and conscientious researcher of construction law issues, has his finger on the pulse of government intervention (not easy to find) and knows his subject areas intimately. His published articles, research and thinking are refreshing and original. I found him very helpful.

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Liaqat Hayat Free Lance Contract Expert August 23, 2016

Samer Skaik is known to me through construction management group and find him an excellent advisor on disputes so common in construction industry .He is objective and meticulous in his proposed solutions.

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CMGuide offers project management consulting services to the residential and commercial sectors of the Victorian construction industry in Australia including full construction management. CMGuide can take ownership of the project from the concept stage until the completion of the construction stage. We control the main consultants and the contractors to ensure that the project is delivered within time, cost and quality to the stratification of the Employer.

CMGuide team can lead the design team consultants through the design and tendering process and manage the construction personnel through the construction phase by taking ultimate responsibility for delivering the project. The construction phase services include full construction project management and contract administration to ensure smooth project delivery with the least possible conflicts/disputes.


CMGuide offers in-house training to the employees of the construction firms in Australia for better practices in project and construction management. Our training courses include:

• Security of Payment.
• Project Managmeent PMP training.
• Contract Management
• Construction Risk Management
• Variations Management and Evaluation
• Claims Management
• Site  Management
• Understanding of Building Construction for Non-Construction Professionals.

If you would like to inquire about our services or you need further information about our team qualifications, executed projects or fee arrangement, please email us and we’ll get right back to you within one business day with the information.