Dealing with green power projects


RENEWABLE power projects are being developed across the Middle East region, for example in the UAE, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Renewable power is likely to be a growth area for the construction sector over the coming years. In terms of natural resources, the region has an abundance of sun and, unsurprisingly, solar power projects are now operational, with further projects being developed, procured and constructed. [Read more…]

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Liquidated Damages in the DIFC Courts

by Tarek Shrayh
Liquidated damages clauses are a well-established concept in a number of different legal systems and business sectors. They involve parties agreeing, by means of a contract, that a pre-determined sum is payable in the event that one of the parties breaches a term of the contract. [Read more…]

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Exclusion clauses: the pitfalls


FOR any contractor or service provider entering into a construction contract, one of the most important priorities in contract negotiation is to manage its overall financial exposure.

This is commonly achieved in construction contracts by agreeing to a financial cap on liability and/or by attempting to exclude certain types of liability commonly called “consequential or indirect losses”. [Read more…]

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FIDIC’s 2015 Middle East Contract Users will take place in Abu Dhabi

FIDIC has announced the dates for their 6th Middle Eastern Contract Users’ conference.

The event will take place in Abu Dhabi on 2nd & 5th March.

Readers of CMguide can get a 10% saving by clicking here. [Read more…]

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Arbitrability of Disputes: Issues of arbitrability and public policy in the UAE

by Fiona Campbell
Contracting parties are often justifiably keen to avail the perceived advantages of arbitration over litigation. These benefits include the choice of a neutral forum, enhanced enforceability of decisions internationally, and greater flexibility and privacy (if not confidentiality) of proceedings. [Read more…]

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Contract Competition

With a Qatar 2022 World Cup on the horizon and Dubai’s successful bid for Expo 2020, the scale of infrastructure investment in both countries is unlikely to be anything short of exceptional over the course of the next few years.

In both the UAE and Qatar (and indeed in many other Gulf countries), procurers of major infrastructure have generally opted for the FIDIC Standard Form Contracts to deliver their projects. There is, however, an emerging competitor on the international projects scene in the form of the Third Edition of the New Engineering Contract (NEC3). [Read more…]

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DM issues circular on use of eco-friendly and sustainable concrete materials

The buildings department at Dubai Municipality has recently issued a circular to all consultancy offices, contracting companies, concrete factories and suppliers in the Emirate of Dubai on the use of eco-friendly and sustainable concrete materials.
[Read more…]

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CMGuide Founder spoke in Melbourne Convention 2014 by Engineers Australia

Samer Skaik at Meloburne ConventionSamer Skaik, the CMGuide Founder delivered 30 minutes oral presentation in “Mastering Complex Projects Conference” at Melbourne convention 2014 which was organized by Engineers Australia.  The Convention is the largest engineering event ever held in the southern hemisphere. Convention bring together all areas of the engineering profession, with national and international keynote speakers exposing delegates to megatrends and thought leadership that will influence the future direction of engineering in Australia. [Read more…]

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Time Bars in Articles 880 and 883 of the UAE Civil Code (Regarding Construction Disputes)

by Jalal Kudsi
One of the fundamental legal aspects to be considered by a party to a legal dispute is the statutory time bars that are relevant to the subject matter of the dispute. Time bars take the form of statutory rules that restrict the period of time within which a legal action can be brought successfully, and therefore restrict the rights of the disputing parties to bring legal proceedings to recover losses or obtain compensation. There are various time bar rules set out in UAE legislation, and each one varies depending on the subject matter of the dispute. However, this article will focus on two significant time bar rules with respect to construction-related disputes; specifically Articles 880 and 883 of UAE Law No. 5 of 1985 (the UAE Civil Code). [Read more…]

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Get it straight from FIDIC

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