Re-thinking Contract Price in the UAE

The UAE construction industry is experiencing a growing yet significant debate, driven by the desire of Employers to successfully procure and deliver projects through alternative contractual pricing mechanisms. [Read more…]

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The ins and outs of ‘suspension of the works’ under construction contracts

by Paul Taylor

Having considered the process of termination of construction contracts, the equally important subject of suspension of the works on a construction project should also be considered. [Read more…]

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Choosing procurement type key to success

Whichever procurement type is adopted by the contracting parties it is essential to bear in mind both the advantages and disadvantages of each strategy so that informed decisions can be made prior to project commencement, warns JOANNE EMERSON. [Read more…]

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Resolve Issues as Soon As Possible

The definition of an issue is that it is a problem that will be detrimental to the success of the project and cannot be totally resolved by the project team. That definition leads you to understand that issues must be addressed quickly. [Read more…]

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Managing the risk of delay in projects

Following on from the article on delay analysis in last month’s edition of Gulf Construction, ADAM WEBSTER explains how to manage the risk of delay through proper contractual and practical management in the region’s fast-track construction industry. [Read more…]

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Can a Contractor Obtain Compensation for a Radical Increase in its Costs if a Construction Contract Contains No Price Escalation Clause?

Christopher R. Seppälä, Elizabeth Lefebvre-Gross

Faced with a drastic increase in the cost of commodities—for example, of steel, or oil—that undermines the economic assumptions of a construction contract, lawyers trained in the common law may believe that, if the contract has no price-escalation clause, the only relief from the contract available is termination on the grounds of frustration, impossibility, or impracticability. In fact, outside the common law countries, it may be possible to obtain other relief, including an increase in the contract price, to take into account changed circumstances after a contract has been signed. Several examples are provided below. [Read more…]

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Sheet piles offer an economical solution

by Dhairya Narayan Jha

Steel sheet piles are long structural sections with interlocks which form a continuous retaining wall. To retain soil or water in most cases, sheet piles have been used for all kinds of temporary and permanent retaining structures being extensively used for quay walls, cofferdams, tunnels, underground parkings, shoring for foundation pits, sewerage and drainage works, micro tunnelling, to name a few. [Read more…]

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Cost escalation

Cost escalation is one of the major issues currently affecting the construction sector in the region. There are regular press reports on the extent to which the costs of steel, cement and labour have risen. [Read more…]

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What is Die Casting?

By Chris Welsh
Wrenches, toy cars, parts for watches and blenders, the inner workings of many a mechanical marvel; what do they all have in common? They were die cast, a process of “rubber stamping” products in a uniform manner which typically results in high production or identical or nearly identical products. A die cast car, for example, can be made by the dozens or hundreds at a time, producing high volume yields with few, if any, quality control concerns. [Read more…]

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Construction Management

By Matthew Bendert

Within the scope of a major construction project, the role of a construction management firm is vital. A construction manager, or management team is trained to coordinate the different processes and timetables necessary to complete a project. These individuals and teams mediate between owners, designers, contractors, and suppliers. As such, they act as overseers of the entire process, from inception to design to execution. [Read more…]

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