Five strategies to win negotiations

So far, talks have been productive. After much discussion and careful analysis, you think you understand the issues on the table and the other side’s priorities. [Read more…]

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Moving procurement to the next level

by Gordon Moffat

The NEC Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC) – previously the New Engineering Contract – was first introduced in 1993 and the third edition, NEC3, came into operation in 2005. Despite the considerable press coverage it has received in the UK, it is still very new to a lot of contractors and employers. [Read more…]

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Five steps to good management

By Professor Adrian Furnham


Senior positions always involve stress. People have to make hard decisions, take risks, face criticism and endure set-backs. They need to be hardy and resilient to respond to the pace and challenges of modern business life. [Read more…]

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Break bad habits to get ahead at work

By Siew Ching Chua

Nail biting, chewing gum, talking non-stop on the phone, checking Facebook every five minutes – admit it, who doesn’t have at least one bad habit that drives the person next to them at work mad? Yet these seemingly harmless things could cost you a successful career. [Read more…]

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EPCM is the way to go

Owners and lenders are becoming increasingly receptive to the idea of offering engineering, procurement, and construction management (EPCM) contracts, as opposed to EPC contracts, for the advantages it offers, writes JONATHAN BRUFAL*. [Read more…]

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Is the UAE Civil Code enough?

by Jeremy Cama

As the debate over the effectiveness of local procurement continues, Jeremy Cama, partner, Berrymans Lace Mawer, outlines some of the stumbling blocks still faced by the industry. [Read more…]

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Manage Metrics – Large Projects – Beginning of the Project

Large Projects – Beginning of the Project

Large projects should definitely be capturing metrics that will provide information on the quality of the deliverables and the processes used to create the deliverables. The following process can be used to come up with the appropriate metrics on the project. This process will result in the creation of a Project Scorecard. [Read more…]

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Responsibility Matrix

In a large project, there may be many people that have some role in the creation and approval of project deliverables. Sometimes this is pretty straightforward, such as one person writing a document and one person approving it. In other cases, there may be many people who have a hand in the creation and others that need to have varying levels of approval.

[Read more…]

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Construction knowledge is a must for all insurers

by Terry Dunning

Ask any construction professional where the world’s most exciting projects are being built, and it would be surprising to hear an answer other than the Middle East.
Descriptions of the projects often include a string of superlatives and involve construction techniques at the forefront of technology. [Read more…]

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Create a Short-Term Schedule to Guide the Definition and Planning Processes

The process of creating the Project Charter, schedule and budget may take a long time and may be very complicated. Therefore, the work should not be left unorganized, for the same reasons that you are building the schedule for the project to begin with. [Read more…]

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