Bonded issues

by Dennis Brand

As we saw previously, contractors in the construction industry are commonly required to provide bonds or guarantees as performance security. These should be unconditional, on demand and issued by a bank that is acceptable to the employer. Examples of the types of bonds and guarantees available follows. [Read more…]

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Boost your mood in the workplace

By Peta Bee

Financial struggles are the latest worry for a generation that is already over-burdened with stress. Long working hours, relationship problems and a lack of time to relax are all contributing to a rise in mood problems and depression. [Read more…]

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Arbitration will increase

By Natasha Marrian

Dubai: Commercial arbitration is likely to be sought increasingly as parties face an uphill battle to meet commitments in the face of a bruising global financial meltdown, director of the Dubai International Centre, Dr Hussam S. Al Talhuni, said on Friday. [Read more…]

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The UAE Civil Code and Claims under the Red Book FIDIC in the UAE

The UAE Civil Code and Claims under the Red Book FIDIC in the UAE
For all its innovation and spectacular achievements, the
construction industry in the UAE has been slow to move on from
its close relationship with the FIDIC Red Book (4th Edition) (the
Red Book). This was, of course, superseded long ago and it is
scarcely used anywhere else in the world, outside of this region. [Read more…]

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Dubai Escrow Law

By Mark Cijo

Dubai, one of the seven emirates that constitute the United Arab Emirates, is one of the hottest real estate markets in the world right now. Lawmakers in Dubai have shown their willingness to help this trend continue with a recent change to Dubai escrow law. [Read more…]

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Safeguarding against employer insolvency

What are the options available and mechanisms that a contractor should have in place to safeguard its interests in the event of its employer becoming insolvent? MARTIN PRESTON* of Norton Rose provides a guideline. [Read more…]

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PPP: the way forward for region’s projects

While there are constraints to the implementation of PPPs in the Middle East, the region remains a fertile ground for innovative PPP solutions and governments are working hard to overcome the obstacles that currently exist, writes Joanne Emerson*. [Read more…]

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Team Resistance to Managing the Workplan

It’s one thing to build a project definition and the workplan. It’s another thing to effectively manage the project. If the project manager could just could create the plan and the work assignments and have everyone complete their activities on-time, your life would be much easier. However, the process of managing the team and the workplan is more complex than that. [Read more…]

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New engineering

by Dennis Brand

How does the New Engineering Contract (NEC) compare to FIDIC? Dennis Brand examines the uptake of NEC in the region and outlines what you need to know. [Read more…]

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Allocating Resources in a Matrix Organization

In large organizations, or on large projects, you may have the luxury of full-time resources for your entire team. However, in many (or most) situations, the project manager must utilize shared and part-time resources to complete the work. Some resources may be working on multiple projects, while other resources may be working in support (or operations) roles as well. The process of gaining and retaining resources in this environment can be difficult and is related to the way your organization is structured. [Read more…]

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