Use a Project Audit to Validate Your Schedule and Budget Status

Sometimes the project manager can get too comfortable (or too uncomfortable) in how the project is progressing. In many cases, it makes sense to have an outside party come in to evaluate the project management processes being utilized and double-check that the project is progressing as expected. This “outside party” could be any qualified person outside of the project manager. [Read more…]

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Contract nominations

by Dennis Brand

As a general principle, a company cannot subcontract any part of their scope of works without the employer’s consent unless the contract expressly states otherwise. [Read more…]

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Common contractual concerns

Michelle Nelson, partner, Pinsent Masons, says it is worth examining five common traps before plunging into construction in Dubai.

Let’s examine some of the potentially troublesome issues which contractors face regularly in the Dubai construction market. In preparing this article I have highlighted five issues which we are asked to advise contractors on regularly. [Read more…]

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Choosing the right weapon

By: Antonios Dimitracopoulos 

Arbitration is almost by default the standard dispute resolution mode built into construction contracts. But is it always as efficient and suitable for the purpose it is meant to be? Or is it so only under certain conditions which, if left uncared for, can result in an erosion of what was meant to be an improvement to litigation. [Read more…]

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What should Clients do when dealing with one tenderer only?

By Samer H Skaik

Sometimes, clients face difficulty to procure projects due to absence of competitors. The risk of how to secure value for money is extremely high when dealing with one single contractor to quote and execute the works. This article gives significant guidelines for which client can follow to minimize such risk and achieve value for money:

[Read more…]

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Challenges facing management practice

By Samer H Skaik


Management principles should be deeply understood by organizations to be mature enough to face the challenges of the 21st century. The search for better and more efficient ways of utilizing people’s knowledge and skills in providing services has become a must to handle challenges like globalization, micro-electronic technology, Market changes, lack of skilled employees and increased expectations of customers…etc. [Read more…]

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Management theories: History and Practice

By Samer H Skaik

Organizations have realized that deep understanding of management theory and practice is a must to ensure continuous improvement to their operations. Management theories were solely or primarily adopted in organizations to help get the job done and find ways to efficiently manage the organization and enhance financial rewards (Grey, 2005). [Read more…]

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Building relationships in joint venture projects

by Kristine Kalnina
Kristine Kalnina, Bin Shabib and Associates.Looking at any of the impressive structures shaping Dubai’s skyline, one may see just glass and steel as the main constituent components. But all projects stem from an idea before they become tangible objects and that idea heavily depends on first building successful relationships. [Read more…]

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Benefiting from a DAB resolution

By Hamish Macdonald
In the first place, DABs are not intended to replace arbitration or litigation but are to be considered as part of a multi-tiered dispute resolution process. The use of a DAB has been described as an early and intermediary step directed at avoiding the need to resort to other more expensive and more time-consuming procedures such as arbitration or litigation. [Read more…]

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Arbitration: Light at the end of the tunnel

by Antonios Dimitracopoulos

A modernised method of administering arbitration proceedings is set to liberalise the local scene, and make the thought of commencing this popular dispute resolution mode within the construction industry less intimidating than it currently may appear to be. [Read more…]

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