Protection against contractor insolvency

To safeguard their interests, employers should carefully word their bonds and underlying contracts to ensure that they have the protection they need in the event that the contractor does become or is likely to become insolvent, writes Martin Preston. [Read more…]

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Attack a Team Morale Problem on Many Fronts

Morale problems don’t happen overnight, and they cannot be resolved overnight. Typically, the complete causes and remedies are out of your control. However, as the project manager, there are some things that are within your control. Regardless of how much you can do, if the group sees you trying to help, they will feel better as well. [Read more…]

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PWA’s general conditions of contract and the applicable provision of law no. 22 of 2004 (Civil Code of Qatar)

By: ‎Rey I. Madroño
‎(Construction-Contracts Lawyer & Engineer)‎

IntroductionThe Civil Code of Qatar, Law No. 22 of 2004 took effect on 30 June ‎‎2004. This relatively new law is a variant of the Civil Code of Egypt with ‎modifications but majority of the provisions on Obligations and ‎Contracts under the Egyptian Civil Code are retained with minor ‎changes under Law No. 22.‎ [Read more…]

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How to focus on customers?

By Sanjiv Anand and V. Ramkumar
While we may hear several organisations claiming to be customer focused, it is easy to observe not many are. The success of building a customer focused organisation is not just in defining who your customers are, but in also creating a culture in the organisation that is oriented towards servicing them effectively and investing in the measurement of customer service. [Read more…]

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Project Managers Need to Set Deadlines, Even if the Client Doesn’t

Many projects have firm deadlines that are the result of business constraints, the fiscal calendar or the relationship with other projects. However, many projects do not have a firm external deadline. In fact, your sponsor may want the project completed as soon as possible, but the sponsor does not have a reason why the deadline should be one date versus another. [Read more…]

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Manage the Work at a High-Level or Low-Level Based on the Situation

One of the common responsibilities of all managers is the management of people and the management of work (if you don’t do either, you are not really a manager). All managers need to have timely, relevant and accurate information so that they can manage their people and work effectively. The trick, of course, is to know how much information you need, and at what level.  [Read more…]

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UAE laws do not favour contractor

by Shikha Mishra

In light of the current economic downturn, contractors will have little legal recourse if payments for on-going projects get delayed, legal experts say.

The recent cancellation of the US $1.25 billion contract between Dubai-based Meydan and the Arabtec-WCT JV has led to concerns in the market over similar situations arising in the future and the legal recourse available to contractors. [Read more…]

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(Force Majeure) Superior force in tough times

Force majeure is a French civil law concept, in English literally meaning “superior force.” In civil-law countries, such as the UAE, force majeure generally operates to excuse a party from the terms of a contract when performance of the contract becomes impossible or oppressive as the result of an event that the parties could not have controlled. [Read more…]

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FIDIC 1999 or something else in disguise?

by Michelle Nelson
Contractors already working in or thinking of working in the UAE capital may be aware that the Abu Dhabi government has recently issued new contracts for construction projects being undertaken in the emirate on behalf of public entities. The word on the street is that these contracts are to be welcomed since it is perceived that the Abu Dhabi government has decided to adopt the FIDIC 1999 form of contract. [Read more…]

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Project Organization Types

The way projects are structured is directly related to the way the entire organization is structured. There are three major organization structures to manage work and people. [Read more…]

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