Why we need a ?Without Prejudice? doctrine

by Nick Carnell

Nick Carnell, partner, Kennedys, believes it should be easier for parties to resolve disputes outside of the courts after launching proceedings. [Read more…]

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Estimating Techniques

The following techniques can be used at the project level or activity level, or for any sized work in-between. [Read more…]

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Create Detail and Summary Activities

If you look at a WBS activity and determine that it needs to be broken down to another level, the original activity becomes known as a “summary” level. A summary activity does not have any work or hours specifically associated with it. It represents a logical roll-up of the activities that are under it. [Read more…]

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Collecting Metrics Using Surveys

One way to supplement quantifiable metrics is with client satisfaction surveys. For instance, instead of trying to measure the exact response time of an application against some service-level standard, you could simply ask your main users how satisfied they were with the application response time. [Read more…]

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The cost and benefits of quailty

Building quality steps in the schedule adds a certain amount of effort and cost to the project. However, these incremental costs will be rewarded with shorter timelines and reduced costs throughout the life cycle of the solution. Examples of the cost of quality include: [Read more…]

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A long term view for Credit Crunch

A long term view for Credit Crunch
by Omar Al Saadoon
Senior Associate Omar Al Saadoon.Construction & Engineering Practice – Al Tamimi & Company

This article might deter short term speculators or pessimists (so called realists) in reading further and if so no hard feelings. I too have noticed a reduction in crane activity and generally less traffic on the Sheikh Zayed Road. I also understand and appreciate the world we have lived in is rapidly changing and the credit crunch is likely to have a profound impact on global construction industries for the foreseeable future. [Read more…]

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Duct Cleaning

By Chris Welsh
For allergy sufferers life can be a never ending quest to discover the causes of those headaches, congested sinuses, itchy eyes and general irritation that plagues them. Medication, weather, commercial products and personal habits are all scrutinized, put under the microscope to determine if they contribute in any way to the allergic reactions. [Read more…]

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Rights to terminate contracts defined

Due consideration should be given at the time of entering into the contract to the circumstances that will entitle both the contractor and the employer to terminate it and the consequences of doing so, says Adam Webster. Here, he gives an insight into the right to terminate, pointing out that invoking these provisions should always be the last resort. [Read more…]

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Vision panels play multiple roles

While the earliest doors in history were constructed out of wood or metal, once sheet glass was invented it has found application in doors – where it has fitted into small windows. [Read more…]

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How to terminate a contract

by Michelle Nelson
One of the issues coming across our desks more and more is that of termination of a construction contract/ The questions asked are usually: can we terminate this contractor/subcontractor for non-performance? What about termination because we can get a better price elsewhere? Or on the other side of the fence: we were terminated without reason or warning. Can we make a claim? [Read more…]

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