Infrastructure Breakthrough – iCrete Introduces Revolutionary New Material for Precast Concrete Producers

New iCrete product family will feature speed in application, exceptional reliability and workability, less cement, lower cost, and sections that are thinner and stronger. iCrete mixes and quality systems will revolutionize the precast methods used for construction of pre-fabricated structures and industrial parks, as well as the building of major pipelines, sewers, bridges, roads, tunnels, and railways [Read more…]

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Survive the crisis: five top tactics for developers

 I believe the economic slowdown is not a bad thing at all, but a golden opportunity for Dubai to start anew. In order to survive these tough market conditions, I’ve listed five essential strategies that developers must adopt. [Read more…]

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The trust in any relationship

by Angela Giuffrida

 While in discussion with a number of contractors over the last few weeks, all alluded to being in talks with other firms about partnering. [Read more…]

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Suspension of works

by Dennis Brand

 Until late last year I was frequently asked by those visiting the UAE and seeing the amount of construction being undertaken, when I thought the construction bubble in the UAE would burst.

My often repeated answer was that I did not think the bubble would burst as such, but would over time slowly deflate; how wrong I was. What we have seen over recent months as a result of what the experts tell us is result of the world wide economic downturn has resulted in an unprecedented number of projects and therefore contracts being suspended. [Read more…]

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UAE law provides security in construction deal risks

By Jim Delkousis

The UAE has seen a major slowdown of construction projects in recent months, particularly in Dubai. The situation is far from being ideal for players in the construction market.

Trapped with stagnating projects, developers and contractors are facing a recurrent question. What can we do when a project is frozen? Do we take drastic measures such as cancellation of the project? Or shall we wait until conditions improve? [Read more…]

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Salaries of engineers have fallen by 15 per cent

Salaries of engineers have fallen by 15 per cent as construction companies reconsider their budgets, said experts.
“The salaries of civil engineers in the country have fallen by 15 per cent for new hires. It’s not like six months back when engineers in the construction sector got a 50 per cent hike when they switched jobs,” said Ian Giulianotti, Associate Director, HRM Consulting, at Nadia Recruitment. [Read more…]

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The ‘science’ of civil engineering deserves an artistic approach

by Sadek Owainati

[More Images] Engineering is mainly classified as an ‘applied science’ subject, but more often than not, engineers are asked to produce ‘innovative designs’ and propose ‘creative solutions’. This suggests that engineers need to be both scientists and artists. [Read more…]

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The UAE’s new arbitration law: is there an easier way?

by Anthony Edwards

 In May, Construction Week reported the UAE’s plan to finalise a new arbitration law, and highlighted various criticisms of the current draft. One contributor was quoted saying that “The point (in arbitration)…is beaten if things get complicated”. Review of the current draft suggests that the criticism reported in May could hardly have abated. [Read more…]

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5 tips to manage your manager

Written by Ron Holohan    

As a project manager, you are responsible for managing the efforts of your team to insure that your project deliverables are met.  But how do you manage one of your most important project stakeholders – your own manager? [Read more…]

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Help Your Project Team Escape Meeting Hell

Written by Josh Nankivel    

Meetings.  Meetings.  Meetings. The end of another week.  I didn’t get the design finished like I had wanted to this week.  It just seems like there is so much to do, and so little time! This has been happening a lot lately.  What is going on here?  Why am I not getting things done? [Read more…]

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