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FIDIC’s International Contract Users’ conference – CMguide readers get a 10% saving…

Now in its 25th year, FIDIC’s International Contract Users conference is indisputably the leading international forum for those wishing to make the most of the FIDIC suite of contracts.

Remain ahead of the field with exclusive, insider insights from the very people responsible for drafting and updating the contracts. …

Construction Law

Enforceability of foreign arbitral awards in the UAE

The UAE, as party to the 1958 Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards (the “New York Convention”) without reservations, should in principle recognise and enforce foreign arbitration awards.

Accordingly, subject to Article 5 of the New York Convention, the UAE courts should enforce foreign arbitral awards provided that the subject matter can be arbitrated under UAE law and such enforcement would not offend public policy. …

Construction Law, Contract Administration

Liquidated Damages for Construction Delays

Liquidated Damages is defined as “a sum which a party to a contract agrees to pay or a deposit which he agrees to forfeit if he breaks some promise and which, having been arrived at by a good faith effort to estimate in advance the actual damage which would probably ensue the breach, are legally recoverable or retainable as agreed damages if the breach occurs.” …

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Nine Tips for Improving Negotiation Skills

Professional salespeople love negotiation, but many soloists are more comfortable doing their job rather than negotiating about it. Here are nine tips for improving your negotiation skills.
As a proposal strategist and writer, my job is to get my clients shortlisted with the opportunity to negotiate for an important project or contract. During many hours spent burning the midnight oil together, clients become friends, and I usually end up caring about the outcome almost as much as they do.
By keeping tabs on the progress of some very long post-pitch negotiations and seeing the tactics employed by some exceptional salespeople, I have picked up some great tips for improving negotiation skills that will help you navigate this important, but nerve-wracking, part of the sales process. …

PMP Hints, Project Management

Manage Human Resources – Framework

Small Projects

Whenever a project manager has team members on the project, he needs to recognize the needs of managing human resources. However, these small projects will probably not need to worry too much with formal people management processes and techniques. First, if it is a small project the project manager does not have to acquire much staff (if any). The project team is most likely assigned by a functional (staffing) manager. There is not much opportunity to develop the team members since the project is probably short. There is also little opportunity to formally manage people other than making sure the team members know the work they are responsible for and making sure that the work is completed successfully. Similarly, a small project is normally not going to run into many people problems. …

Construction Law, Contract Administration

Liquidated damages: who pays for losses?


THE use of liquidated damages provisions is widespread throughout the construction industry. Those operating in the industry locally are generally familiar with the underlying legal principles applying to such provisions, such as the fact that there are marked differences between the treatment of liquidated damages under the UAE law and English law. …

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