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Post Contract Construction

The change from pre-construction to the construction stage reflects all the preparation required to define your project that allows the construction work to start on site. (Read more..)

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Configuration Management

There are two major definitions for configuration management.

  1. It can be a term given to the identification, tracking and managing of all the assets of a project. This definition would be especially relevant on software development projects where the “configuration” refers to the collection of artifacts, code components, executables, etc. The items that you will track under configuration management are called “configuration items” in the Capability Maturity Model (CMMI). These configuration items can be interpreted quite broadly to include things such as: (Read more..)

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Proactively Manage Small Change Requests Using Alternative Processes

Everyone can recognize and appreciate that a scope change request process must be invoked for large changes to the project. However, you may encounter resistance to formal scope change management for small requests. The client and other project team members may consider this to be unnecessary overhead for such small decisions. (Read more..)

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Perform Integrated Change Control

Large projects should apply more diligence throughout the change management process. Change does not always happen neatly. In many cases, it may be hard to understand the nature of a change and the impact to the various aspects of the project. For example a small request can come into the project that results in a change to scope. The scope change request may lead to a request to increase schedule and budget. The request might impact the types of resources that are needed on the project ands it might effect a vendor contract. The project manager needs to understand the nature of the change and how it might impact all other aspects of the project. (Read more..)

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FIDIC 1999 or something else in disguise?

by Michelle Nelson
Contractors already working in or thinking of working in the UAE capital may be aware that the Abu Dhabi government has recently issued new contracts for construction projects being undertaken in the emirate on behalf of public entities. The word on the street is that these contracts are to be welcomed since it is perceived that the Abu Dhabi government has decided to adopt the FIDIC 1999 form of contract. (Read more..)

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Common contractual concerns

Michelle Nelson, partner, Pinsent Masons, says it is worth examining five common traps before plunging into construction in Dubai.

Let’s examine some of the potentially troublesome issues which contractors face regularly in the Dubai construction market. In preparing this article I have highlighted five issues which we are asked to advise contractors on regularly. (Read more..)

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UAE: time for GMP Contacting?

Clients who ask us to help them draft forms of guaranteed maximum price (GMP) contracts, have a variety of reasons for their decision to contract on this basis. Fixed price lump sum contracting, they point out, assumes that the design will be more or less complete at the time the contract is signed. (Read more..)

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Re-thinking Contract Price in the UAE

The UAE construction industry is experiencing a growing yet significant debate, driven by the desire of Employers to successfully procure and deliver projects through alternative contractual pricing mechanisms. (Read more..)

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Contract variations

By Dennis Brand

A contract can be varied in one or two ways: either by a variation to the contract terms or the scope of works. The latter is the one that most of us will think of when the term variation is used. (Read more..)

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