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Precast Concrete

WHEN used as a construction system, precast concrete offers several advantages that range from improved quality to safer, long-lasting structures, says the Riyadh-based Al Rashid-Abetong (ARA), which has been serving the Saudi market for more than three decades.

The advantages of precast construction, coupled with the inherent benefits of concrete, provide a superior building material that has been proven the world over for several decades.

“Precast systems offer significant savings in construction, thanks to earlier completion dates, inbuilt fireproofing, reduced formwork, scaffolding, reduced wet trades and increased budget control,” says Munir Sultan, assistant sales and marketing manager. (Read more..)

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Mega structures: Construction of Burj Dubai

Episode 1

(

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Megastructures: Construction of Burj Al Arab

Episode 1 (

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Mega Structures: Dubai’s Palm Island

Episode 1 (

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Building Failure

by Mohammed Azad Hossain

Building components tend to fail depending on materials, designs, method of construction, environmental conditions and the use to which the building is put. Substandard materials and design errors are major causes of component failure. (Read more..)

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Hempel offers ‘first line of defence’ for concrete structures

REINFORCED concrete structures in the Middle East require effective protection against the extreme climatic conditions and chloride and sulfide intrusion, which have taken their toll on numerous buildings in the region.To combat these effects at the outset, Hempel offers a proven “first line of defence” known as Contex, which is an anti-carbonation coating system. (Read more..)

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Volume Change and Creep of Concrete

R.F. Feldman

The resistance to deformation that makes concrete a useful material means also that volume changes of the concrete itself can have important implications in use. Any potential growth or shrinkage may lead to complications, externally because of structural interaction with other components or internally when the concrete is reinforced. There may even be distress if either the cement paste or the aggregate changes dimension, with tensile stresses set up in one component and compressive stresses in the other. Cracks may be produced when the relatively low tensile strength of the concrete or its constituent materials is exceeded. (Read more..)

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Concrete Waterproofing with Krystol technology

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Infrastructure Breakthrough – iCrete Introduces Revolutionary New Material for Precast Concrete Producers

New iCrete product family will feature speed in application, exceptional reliability and workability, less cement, lower cost, and sections that are thinner and stronger. iCrete mixes and quality systems will revolutionize the precast methods used for construction of pre-fabricated structures and industrial parks, as well as the building of major pipelines, sewers, bridges, roads, tunnels, and railways (Read more..)

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Sheet piles offer an economical solution

by Dhairya Narayan Jha

Steel sheet piles are long structural sections with interlocks which form a continuous retaining wall. To retain soil or water in most cases, sheet piles have been used for all kinds of temporary and permanent retaining structures being extensively used for quay walls, cofferdams, tunnels, underground parkings, shoring for foundation pits, sewerage and drainage works, micro tunnelling, to name a few. (Read more..)

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