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What should Clients do when dealing with one tenderer only?

By Samer H Skaik

Sometimes, clients face difficulty to procure projects due to absence of competitors. The risk of how to secure value for money is extremely high when dealing with one single contractor to quote and execute the works. This article gives significant guidelines for which client can follow to minimize such risk and achieve value for money:

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How to negotiate on behalf of others

Unless your official title is “lawyer” or “agent,” you probably don’t think of yourself as an agent. But if you have ever represented a family member, your boss, your department, or your organisation in a negotiation, you have served as that party’s agent. (Read more..)

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Arbitration will increase

By Natasha Marrian

Dubai: Commercial arbitration is likely to be sought increasingly as parties face an uphill battle to meet commitments in the face of a bruising global financial meltdown, director of the Dubai International Centre, Dr Hussam S. Al Talhuni, said on Friday. (Read more..)

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Five strategies to win negotiations

So far, talks have been productive. After much discussion and careful analysis, you think you understand the issues on the table and the other side’s priorities. (Read more..)

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