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Moving procurement to the next level

by Gordon Moffat

The NEC Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC) – previously the New Engineering Contract – was first introduced in 1993 and the third edition, NEC3, came into operation in 2005. Despite the considerable press coverage it has received in the UK, it is still very new to a lot of contractors and employers. (Read more..)

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The disappearance of the impartial engineer

by Chau Ee Lee, international construction lawyer of Reed Smith, discusses fundamental changes to the engineer’s role in standard contracts.
The Conditions of Contract for Construction for Building and Engineering Works Designed by the Employer, one of FIDIC’s “new” 1999 suite of standard form contracts, sometimes known as the New Red Book, is used regularly in this region. (Read more..)

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Engage the Client Early in Issues Management

Issues management tends to go more smoothly when the entire project team is comfortable working through the issues management process from the very start. If issues arise early in a project, be sure to follow your issues management process and get the client engaged in the solution. Issues become more urgent as you get closer to your end-date.’t let these be the first issues the client gets involved with. Earlier issues management experience will cause the client to see issues as just temporary hurdles that need to be overcome. If you haven’t engaged the client earlier in the issues management process, the client may cause more harm than good when you absolutely need them at the end, since they are not familiar with the issues management process. (Read more..)

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