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Cost escalation

Cost escalation is one of the major issues currently affecting the construction sector in the region. There are regular press reports on the extent to which the costs of steel, cement and labour have risen. (Read more..)

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The Basic Concepts of Earned Value

In any project, the value to be gained is based on completing the work. From a customer perspective, the business value is achieved when the project is completed. If a project gets canceled 90% through completion, the business value might be zero.

However, earned value looks at this differently. With earned value, you are earning the value of the project on an incremental scale as the project is executing. When 50% of the work is completed, you could say that 50% of the value of the project has been realized as well. (Read more..)

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Keeping Your Project on Budget Despite Rising Steel and Lumber Costs

By Kathleen Goolsby
Steel, lumber, cement, copper tubing and plastic plumbing products are the primary materials used in the structure of homes and other buildings. (Read more..)

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