Construction Technology

Hilti’s laser meters set the benchmark

Hilti, the Liechtenstein-based construction solutions provider, has launched its unique range of laser measuring tools that aim to redefine the benchmark for performance and reliability. Equipped with Pulse Power that can emit up to one million laser pulses in a single second, the three new laser range meters – the PD 40, PD 42 and PD 4 models – overshadow all other tools of this kind in terms of measuring performance, reliability and ruggedness, according to Sam Winkler, product manager for measuring systems at the Hilti Regional Office for Middle East and South Asia, located in Jebel Ali Free Zone in the UAE. …

Construction Technology

Hempel offers ‘first line of defence’ for concrete structures

REINFORCED concrete structures in the Middle East require effective protection against the extreme climatic conditions and chloride and sulfide intrusion, which have taken their toll on numerous buildings in the region.To combat these effects at the outset, Hempel offers a proven “first line of defence” known as Contex, which is an anti-carbonation coating system. …

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Infrastructure Breakthrough – iCrete Introduces Revolutionary New Material for Precast Concrete Producers

New iCrete product family will feature speed in application, exceptional reliability and workability, less cement, lower cost, and sections that are thinner and stronger. iCrete mixes and quality systems will revolutionize the precast methods used for construction of pre-fabricated structures and industrial parks, as well as the building of major pipelines, sewers, bridges, roads, tunnels, and railways …

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Duct Cleaning

By Chris Welsh
For allergy sufferers life can be a never ending quest to discover the causes of those headaches, congested sinuses, itchy eyes and general irritation that plagues them. Medication, weather, commercial products and personal habits are all scrutinized, put under the microscope to determine if they contribute in any way to the allergic reactions. …

Construction Industry

Prefabricated Buildings

Prefabricated Buildings
By Jenny Bengen

Prefabricated buildings are pre-cut, pre-drilled, and pre-engineered before the actual building is constructed. In the past, prefabricated buildings were reserved for industrial structures, but today’s architects have begun building prefabricated homes in large-scale projects. …

Civil Engineering

What is a U-value?

To put it simply, U-Value is the measure of the rate of heat loss through a material. Thus in all aspects of home

design one should strive for the lowest U-Values possible because the lower the U-value – the less heat that is needlessly escaping. So for example single glazed windows have a typical U-value of 5.6 while double glazed windows have a typical U-value of 2.8. …

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