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Construction Law Summer School – IBC Legal’s 13th Annual Conference

“An international fiesta for construction industry professionals.”

 Join your international peers at IBC Legal’s most comprehensive construction law event for 3 days of intensive learning and networking

Construction Law Summer School – IBC Legal’s 13th Annual Conference

3rd – 5th September 2013 – Downing College, Cambridge University, UK

CMguide readers get a 10% saving (

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Trust & teamwork should be our mantra

By Vasanth Kumar  

As Qatar seems set finally to award raft of contract awards with highly compressed time limits, one of the key challenges will be “teamwork” amongst various stakeholders involved in the construction industry.

These mega project awards will modernise the country in line with the ambitious National Vision 2030 and the FIFA world cup in 2022 but Doha can’t afford any project delays which will be a fertile breeding ground for disputes ,penalties and lawsuits between the various parties involved in construction. (Read more..)

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Provide Leadership to Implement Critical Change Requests

Scope change is not inherently bad or good. However, the team can react to changes in positive and negative ways, depending on the state of the project. A typical reaction from most project teams is to just go ahead and make the approved changes. However, there is another reaction that can be more problematic – the team may not want to make any more changes. This is the scenario for this column. This situation could occur for a variety of reasons. (Read more..)

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CMGUIDE Founder to Speak at FIDIC Middle East – CMGUIDE Readers get a 20% saving!

FIDIC’s 4th Middle East Contract Users’ Conference
The essential annual review of the latest developments in the FIDIC suite of contracts From FIDIC for FIDIC users

Main Conference: 26th & 27th February – Workshops: 25th & 28th February – Dubai

We’re delighted to announce that Samer H. Skaik the founder & principal for Construction Management Guide will be speaking at the 4th FIDIC Middle East Contract Users’ conference. (Read more..)

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EPC Forum 2013

This EPC Forum 2013 will address the challenges faced by owners and EPC contractors from scope of work to delivery of project without compromising other aspects such as handling construction risk and cost management throughout the years. Take a step further to hear it from other key speakers around the globe and exploring new working opportunities around the world. (Read more..)

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International Joint Ventures

At long last, specialists have agreed upon two model contracts for international joint ventures. Legal experts from a Geneva law firm who provided the initial drafts describe their features. For several decades, companies’ legal departments secretly developed their own tailor-made joint venture contracts. They couldn’t do otherwise: no international model existed and no one dared to propose one in view of the diversity of legal cultures and practices.
A joint venture is a classic type of strategic alliance between two or more companies. It can be long or short term,  It seemed that no model could suit all these needs and reconcile lawyers from diverse backgrounds. Yet the demand for international models was pressing. (Read more..)

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Exhibit Leadership on Challenging Projects

Project managers need to be leaders. Leadership can be easy when things are going well; everyone will follow you then. However, when times are tough, leadership can be hard, but it is also more vital than ever. Here are some things to keep in mind to lead your team through the difficulty.

(

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Cost Control in Construction

Cost Control is an obvious objective in Construction Management and Construction Scheduling. It should be recognized that no amount of paperwork achieves this construction cost control. The actual control is achieved through the ultimate decision of the manager that something should be done differently and the translation of that decision into practice. (Read more..)

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Strategic Management in Construction

Strategy is a subject that has exercised the minds of political, military and business leaders for centuries. The earliest recorded attempts to define strategy emanate from Roman military commanders who sought to document the strategic options available on the battlefield. (Read more..)

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Governance is Needed to Enforce Organizational Standards and Policies

Governance is the term used to describe the formal and informal set of processes that allow organizations to resolve conflicts, make decisions and ensure management decisions and policies are enforced through the management hierarchy. Governance is a top-down management process and works as follows: (Read more..)

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