A successful project requires a good client. Each project is unique and to achieve the right design outcome and design quality a strong team of designers need to work with a strong client group with focus and leadership. Delivering a capital project from start to finish is complex and challenging but also hugely rewarding. The role of the client is fundamental to its success.

The client needs to give to the project team:

  • Leadership
  • Structure
  • Knowledge
  • Change Management
  • Communication
  • Briefing
  • Ownership

Time and commitment needs to be understood. The client body needs to be very clear about the time and effort that will be required to deliver a project. It is worth taking the time to speak to colleagues in the sector who have delivered a major capital project to understand this commitment.

Appoint a ‘project sponsor’ to manage the client body and to be the point of contact with the many people and agencies involved in the project process.

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