Dr Samer  Skaik

BSc Eng, MSc CPM (Distinction), PhD (CM), PMP, Cert.Adj (RICS, NSW)

PM Consultant | Claim Advisor | Adjudicator | Researcher | Educator

Dr Samer Skaik serves as the Director of Construction Management Guide. He has 20+ years of extensive experience in dealing with international construction projects, alongside lecturing, advising and writing on construction management and construction law with special expertise in Security of Payment legislation. Dr Skaik is certified by RICS as an accredited Adjudicator under the Security of Payment Legislation in NSW. He also serves as a Senior Lecturer or Project Management at CQUniversity.

After receiving his civil engineering degree in 2002, he took up various technical and managerial roles within the construction sector. In one of the roles, he served as a senior project manager of ‘DAMAC Heights’ in Dubai, which was the fifth tallest residential building in the world at the time. He has also been helping many firms in developing or defending construction claims and advising them on contractual and managerial matters. Upon achieving ‘Distinction’ in his Master of Construction Project Management from Heriot-Watt University in 2010, he took up a part-time teaching position at the same university, which was his gateway to Academia.

In 2014, Samer migrated to Australia to pursue his PhD on statutory construction adjudication. Since then, he has been publishing extensively in this area and was the main contributor of the “International Contractual and Statutory Adjudication” book by Routledge with four refereed chapters. His research findings on introducing adjudication review mechanisms within the security of payment laws were referenced and analysed in two major legislative reviews commissioned by the Commonwealth and Western Australia. In 2021, his research achieved a significant impact after Western Australia has become the first Australian jurisdiction to introduce the review mechanism in its legislation.

In 2017, Samer took up his current role as a senior lecturer in project management at Central Queensland University. He also maintained his professional career as a claims consultant and accredited statutory adjudicator. He received many prizes in recognition of the quality of his scholarly teaching and research. He currently supervises several PhD projects relating to construction law and project management education while his own research focuses on how to make statutory adjudication more effective and convenient for resolving payment disputes.


The Director is assisted by a number of well educated and experienced construction professionals including construction lawyers, planners, delay analysts and quantity surveyors with proven track records in complex project management and claim consultancy. The team members for each project/case are assigned tasks that match their specific expertise area and knowledge to ensure the highest possible standards.
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