Construction Managemefinal logont Guide (CMGuide) is a management consultancy entity registered in Australia, offering a wide range of Services, including Project Management to local market and Claims Consultancy worldwide.  

The Project Management Services are offered to the academic and construction sectors in Victoria. The academic services include delivery of construction project management units in form of lecturing and tutoring within Victorian educational institutes and universities. The industry services are tailored to help developers  manage builders and ensure smooth delivery of construction projects. The Claims Services are offered locally and internationally and tailored to match the needs of all disputants including claim preparation, evaluation and review.

CMGuide also operates an online Knowledge Portal which includes various materials that helps construction professionals maintain up to date knowledge and improve their skills in construction management, contract administration and construction law. 

The Knowledge Portal has a rich Library and Events Calendar. It also include Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ) on contractual issues. The Portal also disseminates regular newsletters to thousands of subscribers.

CMGuide was founded by Dr Samer Skaik in 2008 who has an extensive experience in managing large construction projects, alongside lecturing, advising and writing on construction management and construction law. Dr Skaik is also a Certified Adjudicator under the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act in NSW.